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My mom used to cook the most inexpensive meals on Thursdays. She called it, "Poor Thursday!" It was something she felt was important for us to know, in case we ever went through the depression like she did. Also, my grandmother on my fathers side was a great Irish cook! Pasties and kidney pies, and stories to boot! I personally feel that the younger generation is losing the art of cooking from scratch and using staples to generate the base of the meal! Just because I use the word cook doesn't mean that it takes long to get something on the table! With kids coming and going and parties and work schedules, we hardly have the time. But, look at the health of our families, and the nation!!! The lost of art of whipping up nutritious food isn't that hard to learn! In fact, you can be quite inventive! So, here it is. My recipe blog. For my children, my friends and all of you out there who care to try something hot and delicious! Mamma Mungo's Soup Kitchen! Open for business and serving Man Food Daily!!! LOL. That means tummy filling food! Comments and questions are welcome!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mama Mungo's Soup Kitchen

Well, I did it. I started my new blog and it is all about recipes and the kitchen!  I am excited to finally get it going. It is mostly so my girls will have easy access to their cherished favorites, but I have many friends too that love my recipes at parties and such, so, I dedicate it to all those friends and family who love good food! The blog is under mamamungossoupkitchen.blogspot.com  I think!  LOL. You Know What To Do Next!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am going to start two new blogs! 1 for recipe's and 1 about my dad!

I love to cook and I am working without a kitchen!  Yeah, I know, many of you have gone through kitchen remodels and such, and for those who are going to go through one, I thought I'd share my experiences since coming to Florida!  I will figure out the title and then let everyone know about the blog!

Next, I've been wanting to write a book about my dad, and how he gave us driving lessons since we were old enough to understand words!  He'd point out something about driving while going down the road, and then, after he'd finish that thought, he'd add a thought about life that related to the driving lesson.  This blog will be called, Driving Lessons From Dad.  He's long since gone, but I know he will be tickled pink when I review all his comments!  LOL. 

Well, that's it for today, Love to All, Norine

Unconditional Love on the 4th of July!

Though we miss all our friends and family on the West Coast, Vinny and I had a great time with some of our good friends that have also moved out here to Florida.  Through our friends, Bill and Dee Stockton, we have gained a whole new extended family here in the Tampa Bay Area.  Dee has a most wonderful family, who really know and practice the gift of spending time together. We are always invited to their get togethers and are always made to feel so welcome. 

If not for them, we would miss our family so much and would have to move back!!!  I think that their extended hand of friendship and family should be noted because it is a lost art with most people today! You don't often find people that just embrace new people with such enthusiasm and unconditional love. I say kudo's to our friends Bill and Dee who moved out here to Florida from Washington over a year ago, and also to Dee's family, Vickie and her husband Mike, Chuck and Virginia, and all those kids, and grandkids, and friends, for making it so pleasent to be in this part of the state! I Heart YOU!! Norine

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally here in Florida and Settled

So it's been awhile since I was on the net.  We are finally settled in a home in Bradenton, Fl.  Now we are getting all the utilities hooked up, and we are back on the net!!!  I will post some pics soon, and more fun things about the area!  Love to all, Norine

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So I have a few job leads today

Have a few job leads today.  The head hunters that are hooking me up with an awesome office in Florida tells me today that they also place opticians nationwide and also place them in Washington!  Hmmmmm!  But I did the research on the offices in Florida, and what a company!  Eye Surgery, Plastic Surgery (for the eye area), Ear Surgery (cochlear implants), Eye wear selection, in house lens lab, all under one roof!  And they have three locations!  That is amazing! 

Then today, a DM contacts me via Email for Sprint and the position is here in this area of Washington!  I have been searching for 3 months, and today, two possible offers are right here in Washington.  Well, I will weight my options.  I will keep yall informed as I go through the next week, but as it stands, I have been preparing to leave on the 22nd!  So, miracles must happen quick if I am going to stay! 

Should I stay or should I go!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


So here is the start of some of our friends
here in Washington.  This is Tatoosh! The picture above is Bobby Hoffman on drums, with Dave Nichols and Gary Montgomery.
Bobby is a premier singer
and performer in the
Puget Sound.
As a drummer he is bar none.
But as a front man, he out performs anyone we've
ever seen!
I am glad to call him friend!

Our friend and Brother in music,
Dave Nichols!
He is the first person we met up
here and of course he is
the first musician that played
with us.  It all started with a song
called "In My Dreams"
Dave came over to our home to learn it
for us and we've played it ever since! 
Dave, Vinny and I love you
very much!!!!

Here is Gary Montgomery on
the left and Donny Anderson on the right! We know Gary through the bands he's played in and he is a great bass player and exceptional singer. 

 Donny Anderson is another Brother in music. We will always remember playing with you and Dave at The Silver Dollar! What good times we had! And what great music we made!!! Donny, Vinny and I love you very much too!!!!

And here is Tatoosh, with Vinny right there in the
middle of Gary and Donny.  Vinny
played Donny's accoustic for some songs!
I got up and sang two songs,
but unfortunately, I couldn't take my
own picture whilst singing! LOL.
It was sad to say goodbye, but we're
so thankful that we had the opportunity to
see you all last night. 
Hopefully we will see you one more time
before we leave.
Thanks for the memories,
thanks for the music,
thanks for the great friendship
that will never die!!!
Love, Norine and Vince

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Reason you should take pictures along the way of life

I was never one for taking lots of pictures.  I never saw the need before to record the daily events going on in our life.  But now that I will be moving accross the world from my adult children, all of a sudden, those photos become a precious commodity.

I see the error of my ways, and now that I have a camera in my cell phone, I am never without a way to record the moment.  I am seeing some good friends tonight, and will definately take some pics with them as well as tomorrow with all the musicians that are playing.  Oh, and if I can get away with it, I am going to take some pictures of my fellow church members!!!  I am going to miss everyone, but with some pictures, and all these blogs and facebook etc, I know that they will always be with me!!!

Watch for my blogs tomorrow night, and you will see so many of our friends!  Love to all, Norine