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My mom used to cook the most inexpensive meals on Thursdays. She called it, "Poor Thursday!" It was something she felt was important for us to know, in case we ever went through the depression like she did. Also, my grandmother on my fathers side was a great Irish cook! Pasties and kidney pies, and stories to boot! I personally feel that the younger generation is losing the art of cooking from scratch and using staples to generate the base of the meal! Just because I use the word cook doesn't mean that it takes long to get something on the table! With kids coming and going and parties and work schedules, we hardly have the time. But, look at the health of our families, and the nation!!! The lost of art of whipping up nutritious food isn't that hard to learn! In fact, you can be quite inventive! So, here it is. My recipe blog. For my children, my friends and all of you out there who care to try something hot and delicious! Mamma Mungo's Soup Kitchen! Open for business and serving Man Food Daily!!! LOL. That means tummy filling food! Comments and questions are welcome!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mama Mungo's Soup Kitchen

Well, I did it. I started my new blog and it is all about recipes and the kitchen!  I am excited to finally get it going. It is mostly so my girls will have easy access to their cherished favorites, but I have many friends too that love my recipes at parties and such, so, I dedicate it to all those friends and family who love good food! The blog is under mamamungossoupkitchen.blogspot.com  I think!  LOL. You Know What To Do Next!

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